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We'll Teach Your Child To Code...
Using Minecraft!
  • Receive personalized attention in a tiny group of just 3-5 students
  • Suitable for beginner coders with limited experience
  • Attend the workshop online, from the comfort of home
  • $39 per child
Our Teachers Have Been Featured In...
Join A Tiny Group Of Just 3-5 Students
Your child will join a video conference with a teacher and a tiny group of 3-5 students. Together, we'll modify our Minecraft games to make teleporting arrows, exploding snowballs and crazy firework eggs!
Beginner-Friendly Drag & Drop Code
We'll create our mod by snapping together code blocks to create logic. We'll use events, conditionals, parameters, booleans and other coding concepts to tell our Minecraft game exactly what we want it to do.
No Driving Anywhere.
Because our workshops are run online, your child can participate from their own home. All you need is a computer with Minecraft installed, and a Minecraft account. 
Continue Developing Their Skills With More Courses.
If your child likes our introductory workshop, we also offer 5 week courses that will continue developing their computational thinking & coding skills.
Here's What Other Parents Are Saying...
"Grace & Ella had a great time and have been telling me what they learned. Non stop!"
"I spoke to Noah straight after his class and he loved it. I haven't heard him that excited about a hobby ever so that's definitely pretty cool!"
"Thanks to both of you for making it such fun!
I hear them laughing and continuing long after you have gone. This is a good sign! "
"She looked proud as punch with herself when I arrived home and told me in great detail what she'd achieved. Thanks so much. She loves it."
"Sabrina told me the class was 'way too much fun!' She really loved it and has logged back in to play with some mods."
"The boys loved your lesson on Saturday! Charlie wanted to do three more hours! Thanks so much."
Meet Nikki & James
We're two young tech entrepreneurs who are passionate about educating the next generation.
Nikki Durkin
Nikki is a passionate tech entrepreneur, who started her first successful online business at 15. She graduated high school with a scholarship to UTS where she studied business whilst simultaneously starting her fashion-trading tech startup, 99dresses, at 18.

Nikki is an alumni of Y Combinator (the #1 startup accelerator in the world, located in Silicon Valley), and has run her business in Australia & the US. She's excited about making tech fun, having taught coding within school programs and at holiday camps.

Nikki's received many accolades including an AIIA iAward, being named one of Sydney Magazine's Top 100 Most Influential People, and being a top 3 finalist in Cosmopolitan Magazine's 'Fun, Fearless Female Of The Year' Awards. 

Nikki also sits on the board of Fishburners, Australia's largest not-for-profit startup space sponsored by Optus, Google, NAB, and others.
James Ryan
James is a mechatronics engineer and full stack software developer, who taught himself to code from the age of 12 to beat his friends at games. He finished the HSC first in his classes in mathematics and software design & development, then went on to earn an Honours degree in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Newcastle, before going on to work for UGL, a global diversified engineering services company.

James is an alumni of Investible, a world-first business generation lab based in Sydney, co-founder of Gen-S, and founder of online investment property management platform HouseNexus.

Day to day, he can be found working alongside Nikki as a resident member at Fishburners, Australia’s largest co-working space and home to over 170 startups and other fellow self confessed nerds.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this workshop for?
This Minecraft Modding workshop is suitable for children aged 8-12 years old, who are excited about learning how to mod Minecraft. We're using drag-and-drop code blocks, so this workshop is perfect for a beginner-intermediate coder.
How does the online workshop work?
When we confirm the workshop time, you can sign your child up for a CodeMakers account. This will give your child access to our private online minecraft-modding software. 

5-10 minutes before the workshop, your child can log into her CodeMakers account and press a button to open up a Google Hangout video conference. This will allow your child to interact with her teacher and classmates, and follow along as the teacher shares her screen and teaches the class. The kids will also be joining a Minecraft server together, so they can run around inside Minecraft showing off their mods to each other. Its a really fun and interactive experience!
What equipment does my child need for the class?
Your child will need a laptop or desktop computer connected to the internet.  The child will also need Minecraft for PC or Minecraft for Mac account (with Minecraft installed on the computer), so he can test out his mods. Please note: Minecraft Pocket Edition (on a phone or a tablet) will NOT run mods. 

Optional, but highly recommended
A pair of earphones with a microphone built in is recommended for clear audio & to reduce background noise (these normally come with any iPhone, or can be bought off eBay for around $5). A mouse is also helpful if you have one.
Can my child do the workshop with a friend?
Sure! Just let us know via email if you're child's friend is signing up too so we can place them in the same workshop.
Do you offer other courses that continue on from this introductory workshop?
Yes! If your child loves the introductory workshop, we also offer 5 week courses where he or she can continue developing their coding skills as they build more Minecraft mods. 
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